The basics of slowly sideways:

-Our demonstration events are strictly non-sporting and therefore not subject to current sporting legislation. There is no time-keeping.

-Only rally cars with “significant international history” that can be recognised as such by the spectators are permitted. Our activities are aimed at preserving the history of rallying and ensuring that the next generation of spectators can see how rally cars of the past really looked like in their days. Private sponsors are not welcome. We drive with each other, not against each other.

-There can be a technical scrutineering, mostly it is a check of a minimum standard of safety equipment of the vehicle. During the event, drivers, co-drivers and cars can be changed and parts of the route can be skipped if technical problems require this. Vehicles must be properly insured for road traffic, up-to-date helmets are compulsory on the special stages, as well as fireproof overalls of modern design. In any case, please observe and comply with the different regulations of the respective organizers.

-The registered vehicles must be in a restored and well-maintained condition. The appearance and technology of the vehicles must correspond to the historical models, which will be checked in advance by photos sent in. It is not enough to simply put old stickers onto a car, everything, right down to the color of the interior, has to match the original.